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There are spoilers on this page! Continue with caution....

Cash is the third lieutenant featured in Escape the Night Season 2.


Episode 4 - A Nation Divided

Cash is a soldier for the Confederate Army, who are fighting against the Dark Army. After Joey blows the bugle that he got from shooting a soldier, both armies come together, angry. When the guests draw their attention, Cash draws his gun. He is the one who tells the guests that they have to capture the enemy's flag to get the War Gem, and that the winning team is safe from the vote. When the Confederate Guests lose, DeStorm and Alex are voted on to get the gem. Cash calls them both low-lives and then throws the gem into the pool. Alex finds the gem, and Cash gives him a bag to carry it in, along with another clue. After DeStorm faces the firing squad, the Confederate Army and the Dark Army move on to another battlefield for their next skirmish.

Episode 10 - The Sorceress

After the Sorceress gets the Centre Stone, Cash comes up behind Joey and points a gun at his head. He takes the Crown of Oblivion and gives it to the Sorceress. Cash, Vera, a Promethean, Atticus, and the Devourer are the last of the lieutenants loyal to the Sorceress. They are charged with finding and killing the guests while the Sorceress completes her spell. In order to destroy the third Leviathan Seal, the guests needed to blow it up with the lieutenants. Cash and Atticus are caught in the blast, killing them and destroying the last seal.


  • He is killed by the group, tying him with Atticus for the fifth Lieutenant to be killed by the guests