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There are spoilers on this page! Continue with caution....

Did Someone Call For An Exorcist? is the sixth episode of Escape the Night. It requires a YouTube Red subscription to watch, although you can watch it on other sites without a subscription.

Official Description

The guests exorcise a a legion of evil spirits trapped in a young girl to free a former owner trapped in the house.

Episode Summary

The guests have all four artifacts, Arthur gives them a sheet, he says it's a ritual from Shane's jacket. They vote Sierra to do the center artifact, she has to wrap black coil around it seven times while Matt does the invocation, the artifacts all fall. The ritual didn't work. Joey and Tim find a black box with a key and a note. The note says the house is evil, and threat the person is trapped in the back basement. They find a David Santos. He says the house gains it's strength from its five former owners, and when they are freed the demon will be weak enough to banish. He says he lost his faith when he could not exorcise a girl, and they need to exorcise her to regain his faith and free him. The group needs a rosary a holy water for the exorcism. They go upstairs in two different rooms. Eva, Joey, and Oli go into the guest room to get the rosary. Lele, Matt, Sierra, and Tim go to the window room to get the holy water. Joey and his group find a cabinet that says REVELATIONS on it. They find seven demon names around the room. They were RAUM, DANTALION, INCUBUS, FORNEUS, XAPHAN, BELIAL, and MOLOCH. And on the cabinet are 13 Devils and 1 angel, which is a reference to the verse REVELATIONS 13:1 in the bible which gives them the code, and the cabinet opens, they need to arrange the names in alphabetical order, and the rosary comes out. All this time, both groups are being scared by demons who know they're going to perform the exorcism. In the window room, they find normal water, and a note which says to look to Saint Peter and put the number of cups in the basin along with the dust of the tabernacle. They find the basin, which is like a big bowl. Lele sees Roman numerals on the painting of Saint Peter, along with plus and minus signs. They solve the equation, which is five, they put five cups of water in the basin, and find tabernacle dust in the envelope with the note and put it in the basin, and get the holy water, they meet back downstairs. They find out they need to vote two people to exorcise the girl downstairs. Matt volunteers, and then they start voting, Matt says he made a mistake and doesn't want to volunteer, so everyone gets mad and some vote him, he gets drawn, along with Sierra. Sierra is scared, they go downstairs, Sierra has to say a prayer repeatedly while holding down the girl, if she lets go, she dies. Matt has to do three things, and then the last step will reveal its self to him. They go in and Sierra holds her down and starts praying. This start falling around the room. Matt has to put candles in a star, and do other things too. He then is in a hurry and reads a few words from the last step, which says place rosary, so he places it on Sierra, who dies. He is confused and then reads it again. It says he could put it on him, or her and they would die. The girl gives him a cross. Matt goes back up. The group is shocked that he killed Sierra, and go downstairs again. They give the cross to David, who is then freed, and start searching for the next owner.


Photo Name
Joey ico Joey Graceffa
Lele ico Lele Pons
Eva ico Eva Gutowski
Oli ico Oli White
Sierra ico Sierra Furtado
Matt ico Matt Haag
Timothy ico Timothy DeLaGhetto
Arthur ico Arthur
Sarah ico Sarah
David ico David Santos