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There are spoilers on this page! Continue with caution....

Joey Graceffa nicknamed The Savant. He inherited the first season's mansion by his cousin twice removed. He was hypnotized by The Sorceress which is how he reaches the second mansion and the Victorian Era.


Episode 1 - An Invitation

Joey starts the episode by saying he had dreams of the mansion. He writes Joey's Invitation Telegram. As they get to the mansion, they all are greeted by Joey and he welcomes them to drinks and then dinner in The Dining Room. They notice that Shane and Eva are gone, and Joey was expecting their return. When they do return, Joey keeps questioning them and wonders why Shane keeps changing the subject. Shane gets poisoned and Joey is in a state of shock. Joey helps find a vile with Glozell and Eva, and he finds a key in a painting, and unlocks the first and only vile. People start blaming Joey for poisoning Shane after he died. But, Joey reads a note in Shane's coat and they learn about the Society Against Evil.

Episode 2 - The Ungodly Machine

Joey leads the guests in finding the clues with the symbols on it. He helps find the books that help unlock the Glassed Hand. Joey also helps lead chess to find a new clue to go find objects around the house that have to do with Fire, Water, Air and Earth to unlock the cabinet in The Ballroom. Joey was in the Water group. After they unlock the cabinet, they have to vote people to go into The Basement. Joey, along with Eva, Justine, and Sierra, votes for Andrea to go. Joey's afraid that people are going to go after him because he invited all of them to the mansion. After they come back from the basement, they have an artifact and they all go to Joey to find who the evil rat is.

Episode 3 - Buried Alive

Episode 4 - Mannequins

Episode 5 - Freak Show

Episode 6 - Did Someone Call For An Exorcist?

Episode 7 - Mermaid Tails

Episode 8 - All Out War

Episode 9 - Wicked Hallucinations

Episode 10 - Betrayal At The House On The Hill

Season 2

Episode 1 - The Masquerade Part I

Episode 2 - The Masquerade Part II

Episode 3 - Tangled Web

3 Days Ago

A man by the name of Randal is being seduced by Kira and Haruko he then asks when he can see the gem they say he can see it later and that a guest would be joining them soon (unbeknownst to Randal it would be Jorogumo) they then tie him down he wakes hours later as Jorogumo crawls onto him and begins to devour him.

Episode 4 - A Nation Divided

During the Civil War

There are 2 warriors fighting the enemy as they hear someone screaming in pain suddenly the enemy appears out of nowhere and is holding a decapitated man's head then the second warriors is worried so he tells the first warrior they need to get out of there however the first warrior sticks his ground. He then shots at one of them leaving a hole in their stomach however it instantly heals. Then the warrior fights another one when a hooded figure comes out holding a energy arrow asking how long he would resist them to which he replies forever shooting 2 of his guns north and south. 

Episode 5 - The Gingerbread Woman

Episode 6 - Endless Winter Night

In Another Realm

The Ice Witch is seen freezing a statue possibly a man until suddenly Torhil to the Undying walked into her lair screaming "Evil one you've frozen our land and slaughtered our people. Prepare for death!" expressionless she then freezes Torhil to the Undying.

The group is sitting in the green room when Alex begins to say that he can't believe that Liza is dead. Andrea then begins to blame Joey saying if he hadn't turned on her she would still be alive. Then Joey begins to blame Tyler saying that because he is here and she isn't it's his fault. Alex then begins to tell everyone they can't fight like this and that it's what The Sorceress wants them to do. They then begin to discuss how many more gems they need to get and the scroll they were given by Sampson which reads:
To recover the next gem, outsider, you must save our world from the Ice Witch's evil wrath. I have placed a compass in the hearth. That can lead you to our realm.
— The note's message
Then they realise that hearth means fireplace so Joey and Alex begin to push aside the bricks and find the compass. They then begin to examine the compass, they then discover another note which reads
The compass will lead you to the portal between worlds but it's source of magic has faded in your realm. My spell book has an incantation that will restore it's magic.
— The note's message
They begin looking in the cupboard until Joey finds the spell book. They then find a page with the instructions to perform the spell to enter the other realm.
The spell to restore magic requires two components: a vial of maiden's blood and ashes remains of a hero; one is hidden in the dining room and the other is in the sick room on the second floor. Recover these and you'll be ready to cast the spell.
— The book's message
The groups eventually split up into two teams

Maiden's Blood:

  1. Joey Graceffa
  2. Andrea Russett
  3. Gabbie Hanna

Hero's Ashes

  1. Alex Wassabi
  2. Tyler Oakley
  3. Tana Mongeau
Joey and the girls enter the room and discover a tray full of blood where they need to find the correct vial of blood. They then find a clipboard with patient's names and begin to go down the list to find the vial of blood and they continue searching while the others wait downstairs. They finally find the correct vial of blood and go downstairs to the others. Then Andrea reads out the spell.
Make a circle, with the ash and place the ash and place the object inside. Speak the words of the spell as the maiden's blood is dripped around the ash and circle. Then say the words "Pella Embella Tembla Ella Ey"
— The spell
As soon as they have finished this the circle lights up and the compass lights up as a voice tells them that that the compass will grow brightest when they move in the proper direction. They are then lead outside which teleports them to the different realm. A woman is standing in front of them then turns around and sees them and says the heroes of our prophecy have arrived. She then explains that her world has been cursed by the evil Ice Witch. She continues and tells them the only way to defeat her is to find The Unquenchable Fire they must find it on The Path of Betrayal. To get to the path they must find the Harpy Talisman and that they must have a brave hero who can help them defeat the evil Harpies who guard it. The woman continues saying that Torhil to the Undying was such a great warrior and that the last spell in her book should be able to reverse the Ice Witch's curse.
To dispell a curse, you will need tears from a fairy and the Moss King's scepter. Both lie here hidden in the woods.
— The spell
They begin looking around and Joey finds the a flute which tells him to play the right note to summon the Fairy. He plays the note correctly and the Fairy is summoned. After she is summoned the group tells the Fairy that they need her tears and although hesitant at first agrees to it unless someone can make her laugh. The group end up getting her to laugh and she begins to cry and gives them a vial with her tears inside of it. After a little searching Alex finds the scepter and they are ready to perform the spell. It then tells them to put the scepter in front of Torhil and sprinkle the fairy tears in his eyes then move back 20 paces before reading the spell.
Lova Tamara Entepla Yalla Ana Baragala Entempla
— The spell
Suddenly mist begins to grow around the statue and Torhil comes running out and says he will help them defeat the Ice Witch. He leads them to the Harpies who tell them in order to get the Harpy Talisman they must play a game of Stones if they win the Harpy Talisman is theirs however if they lose all 4

Episode 7 - Automaton Love Story

One Week Ago

Cedric is seen putting his robotic heart in his Automaton Bride she suddenly comes to life and begins to dance with her creator until they kiss and he gives her a ring and she telling him she loves him just as he is about to say he loves her too. She malfunctions and Jetpack Girl asks what happened Cedric then claims someone sabotaged him and telling her she is no longer needed. He then begins to cry on his bride's shoulder. 

Episode 8 - Full Moon Slaughter

Joey is seen waiting with the others in the lounge for midnight to come which is in less than five minutes. Finally midnight arrives and a chest opens with a note from The Sorceress saying

"It's midnight in the garden of evil, and it's time we escalated the stakes. My lieutenants are no longer waiting to be found. They're coming for you."

Then suddenly someone starts pounding on the door terrifying all of them. Alex decides they should open the doors and try to help the man. He then runs into the lounge and says that he needs their help his son is going to die if they don't do something. He then explains that they were attacked by werewolves startling everyone Allison then asks why he then says that he took a gem from them showing the group. He then says if they save his son he will give the gem to them they then all willingly agree and follow him outside with lanterns to find quicksilver and wolfsbane to cure his son. They are then told that there is a map down near the fountain where they can find the wolfsbane. They arrive at the fountain and they start looking around and find a chest. They then need to find 3 keys to get the map which is inside this chest. Joey then begins to grab pots and smash them on the ground trying to get the keys. Then Joey finds one of the keys in the fountain. Then Tyler finds another one of the keys in a plant pot. Andrea suddenly finds the third key in another plant pot. They then unlock the chest and begin to read the map then suddenly a werewolf comes out of nowhere and tries to attack the group, luckily they get away. They then find a carriage with a chest inside it this time with a combination. It then says only the horses can see immediately everyone pretends to be a horse and try to figure out the clue then they find blinders which answers the clue they now have the wolfsbane. Then there is more of a note "We stashed a safe in the trees along this road to hold the quicksilver we took from the southern bank." Then they start walking when Joey discovers the safe than on it there is another note saying "I've never seen anything like quicksilver before. To keep my men from stealing it, I split the combination into three parts hid one here, another in a greenhouse under the moon, and the last one is in the stone path where you need to keep an eye out for traps." They then split up into three groups Alex and Andrea go to the greenhouse Joey and Tyler take the stone path and Allison and the man check for the one that was where they were. Also if a werewolf comes you have to hide or he'll take you. Then Joey and Tyler while walking the path form an alliance. They then find a mutilated rabbit which they need to dig into it's mutilated body to find their next clue. Then they get out the scroll and begin to read "Butch always liked.. when suddenly the werewolf comes out they then hide he then runs away. They continue reading "Butch always liked to keep a certain number of bullets on him, thought it made him lucky. They then find a trap which lowers a bag full of items including a belt full of bullets they then count how many there are 11 then Allison's and the man had 13 while Andrea and Alex had 27 then Tyler suggests they should split the numbers down the middle and it works. They now have the 2 items required to heal the man's son. They reach his son and have to put the quicksilver and wolfsbane and mix it together then put it over his wound then the boy warns them that they need to run because his father is a werewolf then they are surrounded by him and another werewolf then Allison demands he give them the gem because they did what he wanted. They are then told they have to run the gauntlet which is a 4 part obstacle course and whoever is last will be devoured by the werewolves. Then Allison after Andrea loses sacrifices herself so they can get away with the gem. They then go down the red hallway the elevator opens and the Devourer comes out running after them.

Episode 9 - The Dark Dimension

Episode 10 - The Sorceress

Joey with Tyler and Andrea find the Crown of Oblivion and realize they can finally escape but just they thought their nightly dreams would come true, The Sorceress revives all the lieutenants and the remaining guests run for their lives. They find clues to the spell while the sorceress is outside doing magic with the gems and the crown which she stole from them. All of a sudden her magic stops working and she becomes weak and weaker.

The guests then find this girl who is believed to be a good part of the sorceress. She starts running to get vengeance from the sorceress. Joey, Tyler & Andrea catch up to her and find the sorceress lying there weak with the Crown of Oblivion. Joey who realizes that they can escape now grabs the crown. Unfortunately, the Sorceress gets a knife and stabs him which kills him. All of a sudden the girl gets the knife and murders the Sorceress! Everyone realizes that this game is over and the good has won. Tyler grabs the crown carefully and wears it which gets rid of the evil in the house. Upset, Andrea and Tyler put Joey's body and the Crown of Oblivion in a casket. Tyler and Andrea then finally escape. Back in the casket the crown glows and Joey is resurrected and gasps, marking the end of Season 2.