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Joey Graceffa / The Savant

Joey Graceffa is nicknamed The Savant. He is the host of the party and owns the mansion. He inherited the mansion from his distant cousin twice removed.


Episode 1 - An Invitation

Joey starts the episode by saying he had dreams of the mansion. He writes Joey's Invitation Telegram. As they get to the mansion, they all are greeted by Joey and he welcomes them to drinks and then dinner in The Dining Room. They notice that Shane and Eva are gone, and Joey was expecting their return. When they do return, Joey keeps questioning them and wonders why Shane keeps changing the subject. Shane gets poisoned and Joey is in a state of shock. Joey helps find a vile with Glozell and Eva, and he finds a key in a painting, and unlocks the first and only vile. People start blaming Joey for poisoning Shane after he died. But, Joey reads a note in Shane's coat and they learn about the Society Against Evil.

Episode 2 - The Ungodly Machine

Joey leads the guests in finding the clues with the symbols on it. He helps find the books that help unlock the Glassed Hand. Joey also helps lead chess to find a new clue to go find objects around the house that have to do with Fire, Water, Air and Earth to unlock the cabinet in The Ballroom. Joey was in the Water group. After they unlock the cabinet, they have to vote people to go into The Basement. Joey, along with Eva, Justine, and Sierra, votes for Andrea to go. Joey's afraid that people are going to go after him because he invited all of them to the mansion. After they come back from the basement, they have an artifact and they all go to Joey to find who the evil rat is.

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