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There are spoilers on this page! Continue with caution....

Lele Pons is nicknamed as The Hustler. She was invited to the party by Joey Graceffa. She was electrocuted to death. She lands on 3rd place.


Episode 1 - An Invitation

Episode 2 - The Ungodly Machine

Lele and Andrea get voted to go into the final challenge. They each have to pick another person to help them in the challenge. Lele picks Eva and Andrea picks Justine. The four go to the basement, where they find the Ungodly Machine. Lele and Andrea get put into chambers, and they're told their partners have thirty minutes to get the machine to malfunction. If Eva or Justine get the machine to malfunction, the loser's chamber will get filled with poison gas while the other's chamber will open so that they'll survive. If Eva and Justine don't manage to get the machine to malfunction in thirty minutes, a monster will emerge. Eva and Justine start competing, and Eva manages to get the machine to malfunction before Justine does. Lele survives and Andrea's chamber gets filled with poison gas and she dies.

Episode 3 - Buried Alive

Episode 4 - Mannequins

Lele and Joey get voted to go into the final challenge. They have to play perverse games with mannequins, and after they finish, they find a murder journal that says that the person's name you write on the next page will die in a horrible death. Lele wants to pick Matt because she thinks he wants her dead, but Joey wants to write GloZell's name. Joey tells Lele he'll make sure Matt will never vote for her if she'll let him write GloZell's name and she agrees. They come back to the other guests, and they tell Lele and Joey that GloZell died.

Episode 5 - Freak Show

Episode 6 - Did Someone Call For An Exorcist?

Episode 7 - Mermaid Tails

Lele gets upset with Matt and causes Eva to start trouble with him. A lot of people vote for Matt. Matthew Haag dies this episode.

Episode 8 - All Out War

Episode 9 - Wicked Hallucinations

After the final four (Joey, Oli, Eva and Lele) each vote for themselves, Lele and Oli get voted into the final challenge. They each have to choose a partner from a different gender to help them in the challenge, and Lele picks Joey while Oli picks Eva. Eva and Joey compete against each other and Eva wins. Oli is rescued and Lele gets electrocuted to death.

Season 3

Episode 10 - The Carnival Master

After Matt and Nikita escape the night, Joey says to them that he needs to do something first. He looks into the blue crystal which showed Shane, Lele, DeStorm, Alex, Gabbie, Colleen and Liza, hinting for a season 4. Lele is the 2nd one to appear in the crystal.