Season 1 Episodes

Thumbnail Title Runtime Episode
Ep1 thumb An Invitation 23:15 1
Ep2 thumb The Ungodly Machine 23:56 2
Ep3 thumb Buried Alive 23:59 3
Ep4 thumb Mannequins 23:48 4
Ep5 thumb Freak Show 24:08 5
Mid-SeasonRecap thumb Mid-Season Recap 23:59 N/A
Ep6 thumb Did Someone Call For An Exorcist? 23:50 6
Ep7 thumb Mermaid Tails 23:52 7
Ep8 thumb All Out War 24:32 8
Ep9 thumb Wicked Hallucinations 24:03 9
Ep10 thumb Betrayal At The House On The Hill 21:39 10

Season 2

Thumbnail Title Runtime Episode
Ep2017 thumb The Masquerade 24:35 1(1/2)

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