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Riley is a minor character featured in Escape the Night Season 2.


Episode 10 - The Sorceress

Over A Century Ago

The Sorceress is seen performing a ritual with Riley trapped inside some form of casing the cursed god then talks to The Sorceress saying that her offer has been accepted the cursed god then gives The Sorceress her power as she takes it in she feels no pain, however Riley begins screaming in pain with the amount of power The Sorceress has been given the cursed god then gives them the Crown of Oblivion then suddenly Roanoke and Katsumi come and slice the Crown of Oblivion in half The Sorceress enraged begins to attach meanwhile Riley watches this.

After the group have restored the Crown of Oblivion they notices The Sorceress' portrait has changed and shows Riley screaming trapped in her box.

After the all the lieutenants are after them they enter The Master Bedroom and find a note from Riley saying

"My name is Riley, and I am the child The Sorceress once was, the child that was hurt and sealed away so she might become a monster. I am her link to the cursed god's magic she wields. If you free me from my prison, The Sorceress will be stripped of her power. Please save me I just want to go outside and play like all the other girls.

It is then revealed that in order to free Riley they have to break 3 leviathan seals around the estate. After they do this she is free instantly weakening The Sorceress causing her to be unable to perform her spell. Riley enraged that she has been trapped for over a century sprints towards the house she is then stopped by a Promethean Men then suddenly Jetpack Girl comes out and says "Not so fast, A**hole shooting the Promethean dead. They then run into the house and find The Sorceress collapsed on the stairs with the Crown of Oblivion next to her, Joey reaches for it The Sorceress suddenly awakes and stabs Joey in the heart repeatedly she then stops while she has stopped, Riley comes up from behind grabs the knife she used to stab Joey and slits her throat killing The Sorceress she then realising she has murdered someone drops the weapon and begins to whimper. Tyler Oakley then picks up the Crown of Oblivion and puts it on reversing The Sorceress' spell while Andrea Russett, Jetpack Girl and Riley watch. Jetpack Girl then holds Riley's hand and says it's okay and then walks outside with her. It is unknown what happened to her after this.

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