Tana Mongeau nicknamed The Saloon Girl. She was invited to the party by an evil sorceress.


Episode 1 - The Masquerade Part I

Tana was one of the people to receive a invitation to Joey Graceffa's party at a beautiful estate which was trapped in time and the only way to travel there was to take on a persona from the Victorian Era accordingly so the carriage can take you across time to travel to the house.

Tana once entering the house stated that she was excited by the fact that she got to dress up with her friends. Suddenly Dorien then came down the stairs telling the guests that Joey would be making his entrance shortly She was talking to Jesse and Destorm asking Destorm about his money explaining that she was a Saloon Girl and she came from nothing and slowly crawled her way up. Jesse then commented on how he was just trying to survive to which Tana replied "Aren't we all?". Tana then asked Lauren how she made her dress to which she replied she was The Engineer so she just made it. Suddenly Liza, Lauren and Tana all found a book with it bookmarked on Dorien with the bookmark saying "Evil"on one side and the other saying "Live". At the same time Gabbie, Andrea and Jesse discovered a cryptex and Alex, Tyler and Destorm a half of a map. Then Tana tells the group that they just meet Dorien and he is in the book they then take it down to the rest of the group and then the group realize that the word in the cryptex is "Evil". Then while the group is distracted Allison takes Alex and Tyler and tell them that they need to leave immediately because it was not safe. Then a vampire (unbeknownst to the group) comes down and grabs Liza and goes into a door which slams shut. Then Tana tells the group that they can't leave Liza.

Then Allison explains that her father is lying to them and is not the owner of the estate. Then a vampire (disguised as a ball dancer) told Allison to bring in the guests then they walk through the door and vampires start claiming who they are going to eat to which Tana notices which gets on her nerves. Then suddenly they realize that the guests are vampires they are about to become dinner. Suddenly Dorien pulls a curtain to reveal Joey tied to a cross to which the vampires have been draining his blood and drinking it. Then Dorien asked Allison if she was thirsty she said she wasn't so he then bought in the "warm one" which was Liza then Tana realizes why Dorien called them delicious there are vampires everywhere she then claims this is not what she signed up for. Then Tana runs across the vampires to Liza for a unknown reason then one of the vampires tell Allison she is done waiting then Allison attacks her by headbutting her and using a spark attack which gave the group time to get away from the vampires. Then they arrive in the Green Room to which Allison tells them that they need a circle of purified salt, a sunstone and a stake to kill her father then Tana wonders why Allison is being so nice to them she is a vampire too. Suddenly Lauren is captured. Then everyone starts ripping apart the Green Room looking for the salt then Gabbie comments has anyone looked in Tana's cleavage. Then the group starts finding scrolls, Alex finds a box under the pool table then the key that they found from the cryptex unlocks the box and they have to recreate the king's last game of pool and the coordinates are hidden in the room. Then once they have recreated the pool game a box opens which has a key which unlocks the pool cabinet which Gabbie sees the salt vial but it is empty then Tana asks that they need to get salt not pool cues then the bell rings and Andrea is captured. They then check the cues and in one of them is the purified salt which was discovered by Destorm. Suddenly a vampire walks into the room ready to kill the guests

Episode 2 - The Masquerade Part II

Suddenly Allison begins to fight the vampire killing him while Tana and the others witness. Suddenly Joey Graceffa and Liza Koshy kill their guard and rescue Lauren and Andrea. Then Tana and the rest of the group drag the vampire's body outside where they reunite with Joey and the others. The group then start hugging Joey Graceffa including Tana. Suddenly Allison explains that her father was lying the owner to the estate is a sorceress and if she has eyes on you your days in this world are numbered. Then she continues the only way home is via the carriage the group follows Allison only to discover the carriage is gone. Then Liza gives Allison the book in which they found while trying to escape the room they were trapped in then she takes them to the Lounge there is a large portrait of the sorceress above a fireplace then Allison continues saying that there is a rumor that there is a crown rumored to be able to destroy her then the book which is locked tells them how to get it suddenly Destorm realises that he has a key with a watch then everyone thinks this is suspicious so then Liza who is holding the book says for him to pass the key then Jesse pulls out his gun saying give me the book then he says nevermind due to him not wanting the responsibility Liza then throws the book to Destorm then he reads out the journal as follows

"If you seek the Crown of Oblivion, be prepared for the deaths to follow, The Sorceress was once a peasant girl, who made a deal with a cursed god for power, she murdered the keeper of this estate, and trapped it in time so she might live forever, She has been gathering an army in preparation for a spell, that will open a portal to the modern world, and make her empress over all time, the spell requires the evil Joey"

Suddenly Tana and everyone start questioning Joey until he continues

"The evil Joey carried

Then Tana asks Destorm if he was trying to frame Joey then Lauren asks Joey to continue reading

"The spell requires the evil Joey carried with him and 9 innocent lives from the modern day there are 8 gems of power kept by the lieutenants if they can be gathered and placed in the map the Crown will be revealed, the wearer of the crown will have the power to stop her spell and return home however obtaining a gem will require unraveling dark mysteries and voting on two who will have to go through a terrible challenge resulting in death time is short by morning her spell will be complete and there will be no future to return to."

Then suddenly everyone realises that every time they collect a gem someone is going to die then Allison tells the group that her father wears a necklace around him with a gem in it the first gem of the Gem Map. suddenly she says that all they need is the sunstone and they will be able to kill her father. Suddenly Tyler tells everyone he has the map (only half of it) as pointed out by Gabbie then suddenly the look closely at the map at it has two hands and two obelisks then Jesse tells everyone if someone holds the 2 obelisks suddenly after Joey holds them Jesse notices that the table is lighting up and it's the second part of the map. Jesse then tells the team to get over here where everyone is in awe. Then Joey puts the 2 obelisks down and the table turns off then the team tell Joey to keep them up suddenly they sketch it and they realise that everyone needs to be in a certain place so Tyler starts giving everyone numbers (Tana being No #8) they then go into the Foyer where there is a vampire the team wait the vampire leaves and they continue they get into position and nothing happens Tana commenting about this because nothing was happening. then Andrea discovers rope and realises that they need to go to their positions with the rope Tana commenting on how many YouTubers it takes to finish a puzzle out of rope. Suddenly a box opens in between Destorm and Alex revealing the Sunstone which means they now have everything ready to kill Dorien with.

They then return to The Green Room where Allison explains that every full moon her father gives a riddle to the vampires and anyone who wins it is allowed to dine with him alone. If they are incorrect then they are drained of their blood being his daughter she knows the answer it is history. Suddenly Lauren says she wouldn't be able to do it is to much pressure then Andrea volunteers herself to do it then Allison says there is one more thing they have to do get the human stench off her by drinking blood from a vampire so the team then go outside and Andrea drinks the blood of the vampire Allison killed earlier. Suddenly Andrea drinks the blood of the vampire while Tana cheers her on. Then she puts on a masquerade mask so the vampires don't know it is her. Then they begin to execute the plan to kill Dorien Liza and Gabbie volunteer to make a circle of purified salt then Alex will shine the Sunstone on Dorien and Joey will go in for the kill by stabbing him with a stake. Then Andrea goes through the doors to where all the vampires are where most of them are having an orgy. Suddenly the vampire who was in the foyer comes up to Andrea and asks if she came with anyone? Andrea replies no they then start to dance. Then Gabbie and Liza start to make the salt ring then Dorien gets up from his chair and asks his riddle

"I can be created in the present, you may always find me in the past, but the future can never make"

What am I? Andrea then puts her hand up and answers history. Then Dorien starts to approach her and says that it is correct and says that she should met him in his private quarters to speak of more pressing matters. They then leave the room and Dorien is looking at the moonlight Andrea then starts to slowly walk away then Alex shines the Sunstone on him and suddenly Joey comes and stabs him right in the heart killing him and obtaining the first gem.

Suddenly the Queen of Vampires come down holding a crossbow causing Liza, Gabbie, Andrea and Joey to run onto the lawn while Tyler, Tana, Lauren, Alex, Jesse and Destorm to be attacked upstairs suddenly right as the Queen demands they kill them Allison runs onto the lawn explaining that these were her friends then she begs her mother to not kill them but however they vote privately for the race for The Golden Goblet the winner lives and the loser is the life they take her mother agrees. They then vote in groups Tana, Gabbie and Joey then Joey says that he wants to kill Lauren then Alex and Lauren walk over Lauren upset then Gabbie explains that she doesn't want to kill anyone off then Alex says let's leave this group that don;t believe in you Tana then saying to her I believe in you.

Then Destorm returns the group holding the Golden Goblet then realises Lauren is dead then Tana believes that they all made a big mistake then Alex begins to cry blaming everyone for her death. Then Destorm starts walking back to his seat saying he said to not pick him then Tana tells him to stop being so defencive. Then Allison tells everyone that she has something to show them and reveals the Gem Map. She explains that for every gem there is a symbol for the lieutenants who hold that gem. Joey then places the first gem in the first slot suddenly thunder crackles and smoke evolves into the air Tana is seen shocked like the others.

Episode 3 - Tangled Web

3 Days Ago

There is a man being seduced by 2 women who then tie him up to a bed saying a friend will join them then he wakes up covered in webs then a spider lady crawls out onto the top of him suddenly 4 legs sprout out of her body and she begins to devour him.

The episode begins with the 1st gem being placed in the Gem Map then thunder crackled and smoke evolved into the air and out of the smoke comes the sorceress. She then asks them "Do you really think you could escape my grasp?" She then tells them that none of them will live the estate alive suddenly she slams her staff on the ground and the door to the right of the guests open and out pops the spider lady she then grabs Alex and takes him into the door which slams shut the sorceress then leaves while the guests are distracted. Then Tana notices a box which says "Break the seal and pour". Tana then asks pour what? Then Destorm with the goblet he received from the Vampire Queen he unsealed the bottom of it and they found a shot glass there is a hint "Jorogumo likes to liquor up her boy toys with 4 shots before putting them to bed for the last time" then Tana is heard chanting "Shots, Shots!". They then need to find 4 shot glasses they do then Joey discovers a tray of shots then there is a hint "Drink Up Choose wisely or your first will be your last" Joey then volunteers to drink the 4 shots. They also discovered little bottle each with the same liquid as the shot they line them up Tana seems to be worried about this she then says that Jorogumo will take him away because she likes to liquor up here boys then he says he's gonna do it she says that he should split it saying she would go with him. Then he drinks the right shots then Tyler realises that there is a symbol at the bottom of the shot then he remembers that the symbol is on the box that Tana found they line up the glasses. Then they line up the bottles and pour them in and it suddenly opens revealing the library key then suddenly they open the library door and on a desk is Alex wrapped in silk. Liza making a comedic joke about it saying there was a giant tampon on the desk. Then Tana is seen entering the library with Allison behind her then Jesse and Destorm wander off then Alex waking up rips the spider web off him Gabbie helping him which also reveals a key. Then Tana and the group asks "Where is Jesse and Destorm?" Meanwhile Jesse and Destorm have managed to get into The Foyer where the 2 women who were pleasing the man in the beginning are they then take both men upstairs and begin to play cards. Back to the rest of the group they then use the key found earlier to unlock a cabinet and get a riddle here it is:

"My brotherhood of thieves, have been lured here by maidens I curse meeting I don't know the fate of my men but I hope their deaths were quick, They promised us a gem whose value defied all others, Jorogumo keeps it at the centre of her precious web, I have hidden our plan to steal the gem in a red book"

The group then begins to try to find a red book Tana then getting frustrated with how many red books there are and not knowing where Jesse or Destorm. Back to the boys they then start playing poker 5 card draw losers lose a piece of clothing 1 winner per round. Back to the others they find a box with the book in it. Inside it is a decoder they look at one of the pages and doesn't match they then go outside and their are two cocoons with corpses in them then Liza finds a note saying "These two are drained of their fluids, and I am once again hungry I always laugh at how brittle and easily-broken a human is without their blood. Back to the boys they continue playing the game the maidens then say their friends like to play hard. They ask who the friends were they answer Allison saying she used to play with them. Back to the group they have to find something the size of the decoder then Alex says they should break the cocoons Tana and the others begin to try to get something out of the bodies then Gabbie and Tyler find a cipher it reads

"The Samurai Warrior drove his katana through the neck of the beast then made the world sink underneath it"

They then put the decoder over it and it reads

"Set on the sun"

They find a sun put the cipher than the chest Tyler was standing behind opened. They find another piece of paper.

"This light reveals invisible things search the walls"

They search the walls and check the chalkboard it reads

"Jorogumo kills all"

They then see at the bottom symbols suddenly a door near Tana opens up and reveals one of the symbols it has a lock but instead of numbers it has kanji symbols they open it and there are 2 fake gems and a note it reads

"These are 2 perfect fakes in case one of my men perished, our plan was to swap them out when Jorogumo was unaware but we never made it that far into her web."

Then back to the boys the maidens put blindfolds on them then stabbing them syringe knocking them out.

The rest of the group go to the foyer and the front door slams shut they run outside and Jesse and Destorm are being taken by the maidens to Jorogumo then Jorogumo comes down descending from the sky as Tana comments about this.

Then she says men are meals to be taken and eaten and that the boys would be delicious however I like to watch my prey suffer I will exchange both the boys for 1 female life now vote 2 women now

They then go back and start arguing over which girls will go in to Jorogumo web the two girls voted in were Gabbie and Tana they go into the web and read out their instructions

"To escape my web, you must each overcome 3 obstacles, charge into the web until you find a golden box, inside will be your next instruction to not disappoint me I am hungry"

Then they charge through the web and get the next instruction

"I would never kill another woman, it is one of my men who is going to die, they were simply bait to lure you in for my entertainment, this key opens a chest with my eggs, inside is a black pearl, you will need to past my maiden"

Gabbie opens her box first and gets the pearl while Tana is struggling then Gabbie runs past the maiden then Tana gets her pearl and runs after Gabbie then they have to climb a web to finally reach Jorogumo. Gabbie climbs to the top first and swaps the gem then Jorogumo comes out with Jesse and Destorm she asks Gabbie to choose which man she will save she chooses Destorm then she tells them to go then she tells Jesse to kneel he kneels and she starts to devour him Tana who was just below is shocked and feels terrible. They return and everyone is confused to why both the girls survived and Jesse died Tana explains she didn't want women she wanted men she tricked them. Tana then commented on how she found it interesting that Gabbie was alliancing with Destorm that she needs to watch her back. Then Gabbie places the 2nd gem into the Gem Map. When Alex notices a note it reads

"Two dead and more to go, I wonder which horrid face is next, I would start praying, After midnight things change

- The Sorceress

Then they realise that there is only 4 more hours til midnight they then hear the sorceress laughter echoing through the halls. Tana and the others are terrified

Episode 4 - A Nation Divided

During the Civil War

There are 2 warriors fighting the enemy as they hear someone screaming in pain suddenly the enemy appears out of nowhere and is holding a decapitated man's head then the second warriors is worried so he tells the first warrior they need to get out of there however the first warrior sticks his ground. He then shots at one of them leaving a hole in their stomach however it instantly heals. Then the warrior fights another one when a hooded figure comes out holding a energy arrow asking how long he would resist them to which he replies forever shooting 2 of his guns north and south.

Episode 5 - The Gingerbread Woman

Episode 6 - Endless Winter Night

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