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There are spoilers on this page! Continue with caution....

The Dark Dimension is the ninth episode in Season 2 of Escape the Night


All of the remaining contestants find out they have to preform a seance after reading a clue from a box on the porch. But, the Devourer is inside the house chasing them down. They decide to have Alex Wassabi be the distraction while they start, and he soon figures out that the Devourer cannot leave the house. Eventually, he gets captured by the monster, forcing Andrea Russett to take over as the distraction. Eventually, the Devourer gets bored of her and heads to Tyler Oakley and Joey Graceffa, who successfully escape to the outside. Joey Graceffa then decides to distract it, and Andrea Russett and Tyler Oakley continue working on the seance. Joey Graceffa traps the Devourer inside the library, and they perform the seance, getting a cube with foreign words on it. They then attempt to call hell, failing. They soon learn they have to rip the tongue out of a demon, and get a clue. They go to the pool to find the twin statue to the one they already had and Jetpack Girl leads them inside, taking Allison's place. She informs them that the Devourer is afraid of the twin statues and they use it to protect them. They then have to vote for who goes into the dark dimension and gets the gem, along with a partner. Andrea Russett and Alex Wassabi are chosen, and go into the dimension, Alex Wassabi choosing Joey Graceffa as his partner, and Andrea Russett choosing Tyler Oakley. Eventually, Andrea Russett finds the gem and the guardian comes over to Alex Wassabi and stabs him, killing him. They then go back and put in the gem, missing the gem from the Ice Queen's challenge. They get a clue showing that the gem was in the Wizard's compass the whole time, (proving Tana Mongeau's death was all in vain however without her death they would not have received the crystal from Sireen letting them know about Cedric and his Automaton Bride) revealing the crown.

Episode Summary

The guests must battle a horrifying demon and find their way into the dark dimension to recover the last gem.


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