Eva Gutowski's character is :"The Journalist". She was invited to the party by Joey Graceffa. Eva Gutowski is one of our survivors.


Episode 1 - An Invitation

Episode 2 - The Ungodly Machine

Episode 3 - Buried Alive

Episode 4 - Mannequins

Episode 5 - Freak Show

Episode 6 - Did Someone Call For An Exorcist?

Episode 7 - Mermaid Tails

Episode 8 - All Out War

Episode 9 - Wicked Hallucinations

Episode 10 - Betrayal At The House On The Hill

Season 2

Episode 1 - The Masquerade Part I

Eva was invited to a ball set in the Victorian Era however after judging by last time Joey had a party where 8 people died she then grabbed a lighter and lit her invitation on fire saying "Not today, Satan!".

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