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There are spoilers on this page! Continue with caution....

The Ungodly Machine is the second episode of Escape the Night. The episode requires a YouTube Red subscription to watch, although there are other sites where you can watch the full episode.

Official Description

The guests work through a mad scientist’s clues and end up facing his most evil creation, the “Ungodly Machine."

Episode Summary

After the car outside blows up, the group is presented the Glassed Hand and they have to speak through the Spirit Board. Justine reads the invocation and they ask for the spirit to speak to them. The spirit says "B-O-O-K-S" and they go find 8 different books all around the first floor. When they find the books, they also get a code and unlock a message in the hand that leads to a chest with chess pieces and they have to play on a chessboard. After they complete that, they have to go to The Ballroom and find the Fire, Water, Earth and Air symbols that have numbers attached. The numbers are 2-3-5-8 and they unlock the cabinet. Then, they have to go to the machine in The Basement and vote against 2 people to visit the basement. The two voted to go down are Lele Pons and Andrea. Eva goes with Lele and Justine goes with Andrea. Arthur leads them to the Basement, and they are faced against 3 puzzles. The first puzzle is to put 4 levers in a decoded way, either up or down in a specific pattern. The second puzzle is trying to unscrew a screw in a tube of iced water. The third and final puzzle is that they have to re-wire the control panel. Lele and Eva win, while Andrea dies in a pit of gas. An artifact comes out and they go back up. Then, they all say that Justine wasn't trying and that she killed her on purpose. Oli finds a note that says that one among them is in league with the evil of the house and they go to Joey to find out who it is.


Photo Name
Joey ico Joey Graceffa
Lele ico Lele Pons
Eva ico Eva Gutowski
Oli ico Oli White
Glozell ico GloZell Green
Sierra ico Sierra Furtado
Andrea ico Andrea Brooks
Justine ico Justine Ezarik
Matt ico Matt Haag
Timothy ico Timothy DeLaGhetto
Arthur ico Arthur
Sarah ico Sarah
Scientist ico The Scientist
UngodlyMonster ico Ungodly Creature
DennisMann ico Unknown
MaleTest ico Male Test Subject
FemaleTest ico Female Test Subject