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  • Jarred2475

    Ok so I have been editing pages and have seen that people have been editing pages with different endings. Such as on the Alex Wassabi page I saw that this morning someone changed it to 

    Killed by Season 1 Zombie Guests?

    'Which allows Tana, Joey and Jesse to escape the Dark Dimension'

    Now I can understand that if anyone who has not seen Season 2 may get the deaths wrong but 

    Firstly, why would you be editing the wiki if you haven't seen the content the article is talking about

    Secondly, people who have not seen the season could become confused because of your lies so I'm going to make it very clear the following characters are DEAD and died in the following episodes

    Shane Dawson - An Invitation

    Andrea Brooks - The Ungodly Machine

    Justine Ezarik - B…

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  • Jarred2475

    Leaving the Fandom?!?!

    February 22, 2018 by Jarred2475

    Now I do not want to do this but the software that I use to watch Escape the Night no longer works and with me being not able to pay for a YouTube Red membership I will most likely not be able to continue editing this wiki. I will keep you updating if I will be able to continue to edit on this wiki. It has been a honor working with the kind people of this wiki. For now this is goodbye. See ya!

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  • Jarred2475

    Sorry to all people the people who have been effected by my recent protection of the home page the reason is because a certain user thought it would be a great idea to delete a few things and write in captial


    This user was Tana the Saloon Girl if you see her posting some things you better make sure that she has done them for the right reasons. And not vandalising the wiki tell me if she does it again and I'll get Sorcer Parker

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  • Jarred2475

    YouTubers Sextuality

    September 29, 2017 by Jarred2475

    I was wondering if I should to the YouTubers in their categories there sexuality but I don't want this to be offence what should I do?

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  • Jarred2475

    Hey ETN Wiki 

    Now if anyone has seen S1 Ep 4 you will know Joey Graceffa and Lele Pons had to write in a death journal and chose who would die it is at 18:39 where we can see the murdered victims and 3 names stick out

    1. Arthur Fletcher
    2. Sarah Hayes
    3. Marvin Jones

    Coincedentally the house staff have the same names

    Arthur the butler

    Sarah the maid

    Marvin the groundskeeper 

    Could Calvin had already murdered them and the evil of the house was controlling their bodies making them look so freaky?

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