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  • MdaCHARMED2016

    Instead of spelling my username out when typing to me, just call me Matt! (Its my actual name)

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  • MdaCHARMED2016


    August 19, 2017 by MdaCHARMED2016

    I just wanna make sure everyone knows that category Artifacts isn't just for the artifacts needed to escape in Season 1. 

    All items in Escape The Night, are considered an artifact. So it is okay to add all item-like artifacts to that category.

    Everyone have a nice week/weekend and may good will come your way.

    - Matt a.k.a MdaCHARMED2016 
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  • MdaCHARMED2016

    So I've been told that Season 3 has been confirmed. And I am making this so people could comment their ideas and hopes of what Season 3 may bring. 

    1. I would love to see a Renaissance or Medieval Era. Like Kings and Queens and Knight in shining armour. OR a tie in with Alice In Wonderland or Card Suits or something something. So it'd be like (for e.g.) MEDIEVAL ERA: Roles...QUEEN of Hearts, JESTER, KING of Spades, KNIGHT, PEASANT, etc.

    2. A fresh set of guests.Meaning like mutual through other guests from previous seasons. Like Shanna Malcolm, since she is mutual through Shane. And also a pair of sibilings!

    3. So I went back to the comment I made on the masquerade part 1 on Joey's channel. And I'm posting an edited verison of my list for Youtubers I…

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